The game is slow / the extracts are beginning way too late

The best performance is obtained with modern browsers in their latest versions.
Firefox 3

What is it?

Massive Sudoku is a totally free and multiplayer game.
You have 3 minutes to fill the grid before the others and win points. Every player hears the same extract.
At the end of the round, the ranking is updated and another extract begins!

How do I win points?

You get 1 point when you guess the artist name or the title of the extract.
You get 2 when you guess the artist name and the title of the extract.
You lose 1 point when you don't find anything about the extract.
You can make a combo when you chain good guesses over rounds. A combo can make you get 1 extra point.
Combo points can be chained to reach 3 extra points, but will fall back to 0 as soon as you do not guess anything about a track.

The player ranking

It lets you see your position amongst the other players. A color code indicates what each player has found for the extract currently playing or that has finished:
 These players did not find any response yet
 These players already found the right answer

Finally, the size of each nickname indicates the amount of combo points for a given player.

Why is my score going back to 0 every 15 songs ? Is it normal that the game just goes on ?

A game on Massive Music Quiz is played in 15 extracts series. At the beginning of a game the score of each player is reset to 0. If you create an account (creating an account is totally free), the games that you play are recorded and the score you get on each one of them is added to your total score which gives you the possibility to appear in the ranking.

Would it be possible to add sound effects to validate good answers ?

This feature is already available, you just have to click on the little black bell in the options tab of the left column to activate it.

Why has my name been changed during the game ?

Some players thought your name was not appropriate, it triggered a vote and the voters agreed.
To let you continue to play and at the same time stop incommoding the other players, your name has been changed. Next time, be careful when choosing your name and be sure to follow the following guidelines:

  • No insults, children play this game
  • No Political views
  • No religion views
  • No racist name

What is a "Request" ?

The content of our quizzes are made by the communauty. A polling system let users choose which kind of question will be in the quizzes. A request is always associated to a category.
Any user can submit request or vote for a request. The only restriction to do so is to be logged in and to have played at least 5 games.

How a request is accepted ?

A request as a lifetime of one week
During this time, every users can vote once for this request.
After a week, the request is accepted if user votes are favorable.
If the graph shows a more than 50% of favorable votes, the request is accepted, otherwise, the request is canceled.
Requests with less than 10 user votes at the end of the week are considered irrelevant and are also canceled

Why can't I submit a request or vote for one ?

Every users logged can submit or vote for requests. But to be able to do it, a user must have played at least 5 games. This restriction is to avoid request spamming and abusive votes from users who wants to make requests accepted in the quizzes against the will of the communauty.

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